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Soldiers Against Violence Everywhere works collaboratively to build strong community partnerships, promote peace in the streets, and advocate changes that will reduce gun violence in the City of Oakland. SAVE's goal is to encourage residents to get engaged, to break the silence surrounding community violence, and to acknowledge and support victims and family members who have lost loved ones to homicide. 


Soldiers Against Violence Everywhere (S.A.V.E.) was created in 2010 to raise awareness about the crisis of gun violence and homicide in Oakland and to organize the community to take action to bring peace back to our streets.  


S.A.V.E. brings together neighbors, clergy and community groups to hold a “Stand-in” near areas where a life has been lost to violence, to honor and call out the names of those who died and to comfort the families left behind. 

In 2011 and 2012, years which saw some the highest homicide rates in decades, SAVE led thousands of marchers on two Citywide Peace Marches, bringing together a diverse group of people from from East, West and North Oakland. The marches culminated in Peace Rallies on the steps of Oakland City Hall to call attention to the devastating loss of life and demand that those in power take action and supply resources. 

Soldiers Against Violence Everywhere was a founding member of the Violence Prevention Coalition and worked alongside other organizations to demand that the City of Oakland establish the Department of Violence Prevention.


SAVE also works diligently to reduce the proliferation of guns in the community and to ensure that resources are available for grass roots violence prevention and service providers.

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