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Blue Smoke

Action and Advocacy

Soldiers Against Violence Everywhere encourages the community to break the silence, speak out, get engaged and take a non-violent stand against the public health crisis of homicide. We are a citywide grassroots movement, providing resources and solutions for safety and  peace in Oakland. 

Community Engagement

To raise awareness about the epidemic of violence, we hold a quarterly Stand In at locations around the city to honor loved ones who have been murdered in Oakland; organize City Wide Peace Marches; and collaborate with allies, faith partners and community based organizations like the Violence Prevention Coalition and Adamika Village to host violence prevention and education events. 



We actively advocate for legislation, policies and the resources needed to make safety and violence prevention a priority at all levels of government to effect change.  We must educate and encourage members of the community to get involved as well. 

DVP Council Meetings_060617.jpg

Violence Prevention

Poverty, racism, joblessness, gentrification and underinvestment in communities of color lead to high rates of violent crime. To directly address risks leading to violence for unsheltered and formerly incarcerated residents, the SAVE Center for Community Change and Empowerment created a job readiness program. The Community Ambassador Program provided Life Skills training and paid on the job Workforce Development. CAP assisted participants with finding housing and permanent employment.

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